Dead Wrong is a song by Chris Brown. The song is unreleased. Chris posted five video snippets of Dead Wrong on his instagram on March 20, 2016. The son is produced by "Aaron Reid". It's unknown if the song will ever be released. 

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Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]
How could I fall, fall for you?
When I've had it all from you
Before I been ready, it's on the road, it's now or never
The hottest thing since me, yeah
But I may say, I, girl, you already know
You'll be emotional 'cause I'm only yours
Please see the gang's involved
There ain't no in and outs

Only believin' now
'Cause you said you loved someone
And I felt dead wrong
'Cause I been that one
And I said I'd hold you down
So cry here right now
Go ahead and look at you
Let it out

You're still gone
Still you're gone
Let me know if he cut you off
See you around, adios
I know that I'm dead wrong