(Make Me) Jealous is a song by Chris Brown. The song is unreleased. It's unknown who produced the song and if it will ever be released. Chris previewed the song in a video on his instagram in 2015

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Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]
..Acting like a thot bitch, I know you think you hot shit
Saturday pull a lamborghini to toxic
Broke ass in somebody section you ain't got shit
You trying place on me hoe, you need to stop it

Yeah, this party rocking booty popping
In the V.I.P the section full of options
I remember when we used to be in love
Now you hollywood, trying get yo name up
Got a little money, it started to change her
Listening to hoes, trying to get yo game up
Used to be a friend, now all i see is danger
When i look at you, all i see is a stranger
No more love, just anger
Now am screaming on the one on one that's with the pain
You know i be rolling with them killers and gangbangers
We be counting money, don't give a middle finger
OHB we out here ballin with the top down
Too many diamonds, you can even turn the lights down
This OG Now Regular Nigga Lifestyle, Ride the wave fuck it

She did it all to make me jealous, make me jealous
I know you're telling another lie, to another guy
Baby your doing all this to make me jealous, make me jealous